Where can I see a Justin Van Breda Product in person?

If you would like to see the product in person we would love to invite you to our showrooms where our expert teams will be able to help. Our flagship showroom is on the Kings Road in London . Our US head office is in Atlanta and we also have representative showrooms across the USA- in Atlanta, Miami, New York and San Francisco. Not all showrooms carry every part of the collection and so it is worth checking with each location first.

JVB London Flagship showroom, London, United Kingdom

Harbinger LA, Los Angeles, California

Harbinger NY, New York, New York

Hewn, San Francisco, California

Steven Turner Showroom, Miami, Florida

J Tribble, Atlanta, Georgia

What woods do you use?

We have access to a number of the hardwoods and fruitwoods, and some exotic woods. You can see the extensive standard collection in SAMPLES on our website. Where possible all our pieces can be specified in either solid or veneered timbers, however standard pricing is shown in veneers.

How can I see a sample of a finish?

All of our samples are available to order on our website, Click the links below to order the finish of your choice:

Wood Samples

Metal Samples

Patina Samples

Finish Samples

Fabric Samples

How do I place and order on the website?

You follow the site links for online shopping, and if you are a designer you can open a dedicated account. If you need any help at all send us an email and we will be able to assist you. Justin has posted a video of him doing an order online for you to watch. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards, except AMEX for the UK, and we also accept bank transfers/ BACS.

How do I talk to a member of your team

Our Sales and Administration teams would love to help with any questions you might have.

UK: +44 (0) 20 7078 7996                    

US: +1 (770) 596-5728

E: Showroom@justinvanbreda.com

What are your fabric lead times?

Our fabrics are either stocked or printed to order, being smaller artisanal lines. Lead times vary from 2-3 days to 3 weeks.

What are your furniture and upholstery lead times? How long does it take for my order to ship out?

Our lead times on ordered items are up to 8-12 weeks, including delivery, from receipt of COM, COL or Hardware.

Do you have any available stock items?

We have various items in stock which are shown on the website in the STOCK section and items are stored at various warehouse locations and can be shipped internationally.

How will my order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered to your receiver or your home depending on the installation method selected. Where possible you will be provided with tracking for your item.

How do I specify COM or COL or hardware and where do I send the materials?

If you order an item online that needs any component to be supplied by yourselves, one of our representative teams will contact you on receipt of your order to make sure you know where to send these items.

We understand that our fabrics do not fit all design schemes and that everyone has their own taste and look to acquire. If sending your own fabric one of our account managers will be in contact to provide you with a COM form which will help us match your fabric to your purchase order along with ensuring that the correct materials have been received. 

All the COM amounts are specified on each design so you can easily calculate the quantity required but, if you have a question do not hesitate to contact our sales team

If you are sending in your own Hardware we request that you inform a member of the sales team first, quoting your sales order number and name.

We will inform you of the local US or UK address to send your COM or components to.

Can you make a bespoke piece?

Not only are there lots of different options for every piece on our site, we also do offer customisation and bespoke work. We fully appreciate how difficult it can be to find exactly the piece you are looking for and we love the opportunity to bring ideas to life for clients whose wheelhouse of design is often different to ours.

We specialise in mixing and blending materials in a seamless way - from a slick marble, leather and rosewood drinks cabinet, to a bespoke fabric designed to reflect the mood and colours of the Yorkshire moors. Our finely honed skills and experience guide our clients in design, scale and finish choices creating elegant and informed pieces of design that will become treasured heirlooms. We have put together a library of our bespoke work here

What are your community projects in South Africa?

Our community projects are very close to our hearts, we work with several communities and co-operatives in South Africa including the Cape Town Society for the Blind and a Women's Weaving Cooperative. To read more about these projects visit our blog.

How do I know if there is a pricing increase?

Typically we will only have one price increase each year which happens in September. We always aim to notify our Trade base in advance of a price increase and would honour any quotes given for their stated time frame.

Do you have a brochure?

We do! If you would like to request a copy of our lookbook please let us know, we would be delighted to send on out to you! If you would like a digital copy of the lookbook you can download one here.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

You can request a return for online orders through our website, returns of items must be requested within 7 days of receipt of the item in order to be effective and goods must be returned in the same condition as received, and in original packaging and will be subject to a restocking fee of 10%, which increases to 15% if the items has to be repackaged. Any damage or alterations to an item which occur after delivery will render that item non returnable. All custom and bespoke items are non returnable and non refundable.

Goods rejected on receipt due to an issue with quality or pre existing damage will be removed at the expense of Justin Van Breda.

How do I prolong the life of my piece of furniture?

We have multiple ways for you to care for your items, however if you are unsure of how to deal with a stain or more substantial damage, always contact a professional.

The Justin Van Breda Signature Collection Care and Cleaning: 

  • On any wood item we ask that you only use a soft damp cloth and a mild dish detergent to clean any area. Remember to fully dry the surface so that no water left on the item causes issue. 
  • For any brass related item you can use a brass cleaner and a soft cloth without hesitation but only on the brass surface, no other areas.
  • With Granite or Marble items please note that you can use an over the counter cleaner for these specific materials however they are normally purchased as three separate entities which are: Marble/ Granite cleaner, a Sealer and a polish.
  • We do strongly advise our clients to not use any Ammonia, Citrus or Wax based cleaners as it will eventually eat away at the product’s sealer and will cause you to need to reseal your item in the future. 

Rattan Care and Cleaning:

  • As a protective measure we recommend that you regularly give your rattan furniture a dust with a soft cloth and as needed, a more thorough clean with a non bleach liquid soap solution. Mix a little dish of regular washing up liquid, such as fairy liquid or similar PH neutral detergent with lukewarm water, and gently wipe the surface of the piece without getting the rattan soaking wet. You can also use a small scrubbing brush or toothbrush to get between the weave. Wipe the piece down as soon as possible after cleaning to keep the pieces dry and prevent any moisture getting into the fibres.
  • The Cape Weaver collection is made in Cape Town and shipped to the UK and US. The effect of this change in climate on the natural cane material means that you may notice that the pieces undergo some light acclimatization. It is normal for webbing or weave to ripple slightly as it changes climate and absorbs moisture, you will find that it then dries and re-tightens to its original tension.
  • One of Rattan’s best qualities is that it is a great product to use both indoors and outdoors, but if the furniture is left in direct sunlight there may be some fading. This is expected with all natural fibres. If the furniture is left outside in a tropical climate it might also absorb excess moisture which may darken the woven elements and cause some light warping. Where possible cover your furniture when not in use to avoid this.
  • Make sure that you treat stains or marks as soon as feasibly possible. The liquid soap method above will work well for regular stains. If you encounter more serious damage or weathering, boiled linseed oil can help to put moisture back into the rattan material to reshape warped cane and help fix cracked or split weave. You can also apply paste wax after the furniture is dry.
  • Place rubber stoppers under the legs or base of your pieces, this soft cushion will prevent any cracking or splitting as a result of pressure points or incidents while moving the furniture.
  • As much as possible, avoid contact with chemicals such as hair and skin preparations, fake tans, insect repellents and other cosmetics, or household cleaning materials, other than those recommended as these may affect the finish.