Posted by Justin Van Breda on Mar 8th 2021

2021 sees the launch of our new Patina finishes, all applied by hand, in 7 botanical themed colours.

I have always loved the old pieces that populate houses in England's below stairs environment, those dirty whites and greys, the utilitarian greens and murky blues. They add a sense of gravitas and age to a piece and hint at the lives and conversations it has witnessed and overheard. The silent partners to the way we live.

Working with one of the finest craftsmen I know, we mixed and played with colours, added markings and scarring, a smattering of glazes and then layers and layers of wax to produce a series of hand applied finishes. I am so proud to introduce the Patina finishes.

The Patina Collection


The patina finishes can be applied to any piece in the furniture collection and give a little gravitas and provenance to a new piece of furniture. The result is a replication of the effect of age and use on a piece of furniture and has a particularly subtle and luxurious feel.

Beautifully hand painted, we begin with a contrasting base colour and then a second coat of colour is applied to give the impression of depth. That initial layer is then distressed and patinated, and then a final layer of polish is added to create a sophisticated finish. 

After months of trialing techniques and colours we have created a range of natural tones, you can click on each image to see the finish in detail.

Patina Finish - Amaryllis

Patina Finish- Birch

Patina Finish- Chrysanthemum

Patina Finish- Delphinium

Patina Finish- Gardenia

Patina Finish- Lichen

Patina Finish- Sage

If you would like a sample of any (or all) of the finishes please get in touch.